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- - Oak Grove Cemetery Transcription - -

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Walked and Transcribed in June 2000.

Used with permission from Laurie Hendrickson.

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Name    Date of Birth    Date of Death    Notes with "Inscriptions in quotes"
Anderson, Dorothy L. 1918
Anderson, Eva C. 1921 1977"Daughter"
Andrews, Helen A. 1906 Shared Stone with Leland J
Andrews, Leland J. 1898 1977Shared Stone with Helen A
Anthony, Beverly Jane 26-Aug-193617-Nov-1936
Anthony, Erwin H. 22-Jan-190819-Oct-1924
Anthony, Hazel B. 13-Jul-191708-Jul-1996"Married 10 Jan 1935" to Quinn Wes
Anthony, Nellie C. 28 Sep 188802-Apr-1971"Mother"
Anthony, Philip John 17 Oct 187505-Oct-1953"Father"
Anthony, Quinn Wes 12-Jun-191126-May-1985"Married 10 Jan 1935" to Hazel B
Aspelund, Juanita Faye 1923 1983Shared Stone with Norman
Aspelund, Norman 1915 Shared stone with Juanita
Bennett, Connie Eileen 13-Oct-196127-Jul-1964"Our Beloved Podie"
Bissett, Alexander 1856 1928
Bock, Adele R. 21-Jan-1929 "Married 19 Nov 1946" to Lester H
Bock, Arthur Peter 06-Feb-190003-Aug-1970
Bock, Charles A. 1904 1994Shared Stone with Della M.
Bock, Della M. 1911 1984Shared Stone with Charles A.
Bock, Edith S. 1865 1926
Bock, Esther M. 12-Nov-190208-Mar-1987"Wife of Leon"
Bock, George 1862 1922
Bock, Herman M. 1904 1968
Bock, James F. 04-Aug-194118-Dec-1993"Son & Brother"
Bock, Lena A. 1895 1933"Mother"
Bock, Leon N. 24 Oct 189409-Dec-1973"PVT US Army WW1"
Bock, Lester H. 06-May-192501-Oct-1995"Married 19 Nov 1946" to Adele R.
Bock, Vernon A. 15-Nov-192814-Apr-1992"CPL US Army Korea"
Bordwell, Adolph D. 31-May-193716-Sep-1988"Father- Married Sept 17 1955" to Shirley A.
Bordwell, Alvin D. 28-Feb-190523-Nov-1983"Father"
Bordwell, Nora H. 03-Sep-190515-Oct-1974"Mother"
Bordwell, Shirley A. 24-Jun-1938 "Mother" married to Adolph D. on "Sept 17, 1955"
Brinegar, Stanley 24-Dec-192709-Aug-1929
Burnard, Fern E. 17-Feb-194006-Dec-1992
Carlson, Alexia 1889 1957"Brother"
Carlson, Amanda 1864 1952"Mother"
Carlson, Axel L. 1894 1983"Brother"
Carlson, Charles O. 1860 1931"Father"
Coady, Fern 03-Apr-192517-Apr-1992Shared stone with Larry Coady
Coady, Larry 12-Feb-1920 Shared Stone with Fern
Converse, Albert W. 22 Feb 189905-Jun-1967"Minnesota CPL 411 MTR SUP TNG CO WW1"
Converse, Ida L. 31-Aug-190205-Sep-1969
Converse, Sherman R. 24-Oct-192426-Nov-1983"US Army WW2"
Cook, Edward L. 1912 1941
Cook, Evelyn 1887 1974"Mother"
Cook, Leroy 1881 1967"Father"
Cooley, Lottie (Ellsworth) 07 Sep 188501-Jan-1982Grave stone has this death date. Cemetery Records of Crow Wing, Author Leslie states death on 31 Dec 1981
Cooley, Thaddeus No Dates
DiLuzio, Anita F. 1940 Shared Stone with Lawrence E.
DiLuzio, Lawrence E. 1939 1975Shared Stone with Anita F.
Dobson, ?elssa S. 18-Dec-1982
Driver, Dale A. 1933
Driver, Francis H. 1935 1952
Driver, Frank 1857 1917
Driver, John O. 1945
Driver, Leslie no dates
Driver, Russell no dates
Driver, Walter F. 1894 1956
Edwards, Elizabeth Ann 1873 1916
Eller, Earl W. 1926 1989Shared Stone with Jeannette C
Eller, Jeannette C. 1933 1971Shared Stone with Earl W.
Ellsworth, Emory 29 Jul 188220-Jul-1916
Engholm, Isla M. 21-Oct-1919 Shared Stone with Oscar L.
Engholm, Oscar L. 06-May-191013-Sep-1992Shared Stone with Isla M.
Erickson, Jean 03-Jan-192820-Mar-1981Daughter of Luella & Thomas
Ertz, Marie I. 01-May-192903-Jun-1929
Fahlstrom, Alfred 1898 1933
Fahlstrom, August 1860 1937"Father"
Fahlstrom, Joseph 18 Sep 189225-Nov-1944"Minnesota PVT 1CL 362 INF 91 Div"
Fahlstrom, Olaf 22 Sep 189402-Jun-1958"Minnesota PVT CO K 308 Infantry, WW1"
Fahlstrom, Sigred 1854 1930"Mother"
Fleischhacker, Catherine 22-Feb-1906 "In God's Loving Care" Shared Stone with Henry
Fleischhacker, Henry 12-Oct-190018-Mar-1983"In God's Loving Care" Shared Stone with Catherine
Frederick, Beulah (Garvey) 11-Jan-1919Shared stone with Melvyn G.
Frederick, Melvyn G. 17-Aug-191502-Nov-1986Shared stone with Beulah Garvey
Garvey, Bertha S. 1886 1938"Mother"
Garvey, John L. 04-Nov-192522-Sep-1968"Minnesota FLT 0 3008 Base Unit A AF WW2"
Garvey, William J. 1878 1950"Dad"
Gibler, Harry A. 1877 1958
Gibler, Viola 1914 1955"Wife"
Gilpie, K. Marie (Hammett) 09-Jul-190227-Oct-1981
Goette, Christ 1860 1917
Goller, Joseph 1877 1965
Goller, Louis 1875 1949
Goller, Mary 1852 1947"Mother"
Goller, Paul 1882 1943
Grenier, Minnie 05 Feb 188810-Oct-1984"Mother"
Grenier, Peter T. 24 Aug 188617-Jan-1973"Father"
Hagberg, Maude R. 1897 1952"Mother"
Hammett, David W. 1888 1949
Hammett, Earle Roy 06-Mar-192428-Aug-1926"Beloved son of Samuel L and Hazel G."
Hammett, Floretta E. 1852 1935"Mother"
Hammett, Hazel G. 1888 1982Share stone with Samuel L
Hammett, John L. 1841 1914
Hammett, Lawrence S. 01-Jan-191729-Jan-1944"Warrant Office II Air Bomber Royal Canadian Air Force WW2"
Hammett, Milton L. 1828 1911"Father"
Hammett, Nellie 1864 1924"Mother"
Hammett, Robert John 04-Nov-191419-May-1981"PVT US ARMY WW2"
Hammett, Samuel L. 1884 1968Share stone with Hazel G.
Hankins, Guy 27 Jul 188804-Dec-1966
Hanson, Lyle G. 1918 1971Shared Stone with Margaret
Hanson, Margaret 1918 Shared stone with Lyle C. Hanson
Helland, Carrie (Seipp) 1870 1954
Herrmann, Annie S. 1888 1973
Hoben, Johanna S. 07 Feb 189408-Aug-1971"Mother"
Holbrook, Gracie 1915 1918
Hoskins, Anna L. 20-Jul-191624-Jan-1995Shared Stone with Harley G.
Hoskins, Harley G. 22-Feb-190901-Nov-1974Shared Stone with Anna L
Hoskins, John L. 1902 1969
Hoskins, Marjorie M. 1914
Howard, John L. 00 Feb 1840 "Co E 9 1A. Inf Civil War"
Howard, Lavina 1880 1949
Howard, McKinley 07-May-1940"Minnesota Cook 151 Field Arty 42 Div"
Isle, Charles 1874 1951"Father"
Isle, Connie No dates
Isle, Henry A. 16-Sep-192721-Oct-1966
Isle, Malinda 1886 1949
Isle, Phillip C. 1905 1951
Isle, Phillip 05 Nov 188020-Jan-1944
Isle, Ralph 11-Sep-192114-Aug-1989"PVT US Army WW2"
Isle, Richard P. 31-Aug-192703-Aug-1959
Jensen, George M. 1903 Double headstone with Mildred G. Wife
Jensen, Mildred G. 1911 Double headstone with George M., "Father"
Johns, Fred A. 1902 1972"Husband of Lillian A."
Johns, Lillian A. 1907 1992"Wife of Fred A."
Johnson, Adolf 1872 1958
Johnson, Annie 1875 1936
Johnson, Arthur W. 14-Nov-190111-Jan-1972"Father"
Johnson, Baby Girl 1912 1912Shared headstone with another baby girl 1915-1915
Johnson, Baby Girl 1915 1915Shared headstone with another baby girl 1912-1912
Johnson, Berger G. 21-Oct-191407-Oct-1956"Minnesota CPL 806 Tank Destroyer BN WW2"
Johnson, Dorothy 26-Apr-191110-Apr-1988"Mother"
Johnson, Emil L. 1903 1961
Johnson, Emma 1877 1985"Mother", Shared stone with Father Gilbert
Johnson, Gilbert 1877 1940"Father", Shared stone with Mother Emma
Johnson, Jacque Arthur 03-Nov-193628-Aug-1938
Johnson, John 1875 1951
Johnson, Patrica A. 15-May-1934
Johnson, Wilford E. 11-Jun-193626-Feb-1983"Married 4 Dec 1954" to Patrica A
Kiley, Shirley R. 01-Sep-194624-Sep-1999"In God's Care, Loving Mother of Bradley & Brian"
Klippenes, Charlie J. 1888 1971Shared Stone with Nancy J.
Klippenes, Josephine 1857 1934
Klippenes, Nancy J. 1894 1980Shared Stone with Charlie J.
Knafla, Alma A. 09-Mar-190913-Jul-1988
Knafla, Edward O. 08-Mar-1906
Krueger, Caroline (Tollefson) 1900 1961"Wife and Mother"
Krueger, Max 1899 1991"Husband and Father"
Larson, Erma 1913 1994
Larson, Hilding 1902 1984
Larson, Hugo 1899 1964
Larson, John 1879 1962
Larson, Louis 1907 1979
Larson, Marvin Peter 14-Apr-193318-Dec-1993"US Army"
Larson, Otto 1892 1953
Lemond, Claude H. 25-May-191513-Jan-1975"Dad"
Lentner, Josephine 1887 1954Shared Stone with Norton
Lentner, Norton 1873 1961Shared Stone with Josphine
Long, Thomas M. 1876 1955"Father"
Lund, Jack Carl 31-Dec-194417-Jul-1950"Our Son"
Lund, Mervin A. 06-Mar-191612-Mar-1994"Pvt US Army WW2"
Lundeby, Jesse Robert 29-Nov-1978"Our Beloved baby" Son of Terry & Wanda
Lussi, John W. 15-Nov-190410-Aug-1983"PFC US Army WW2"
Lusso, Clarence A. 15-Mar-191017-Oct-1982"In Memory of our father"
Lusso, August O. 1861 1913
Lusso, George W. 1879 1955
Lusso, Margaret 1883 1955
Mass, August William 12-May-191501-Aug-1991"PFC US Army WW2"
McAninch, Gussie 1868 1942
McAninch, Orvel H. 1867 1958
McKay, George K. 1916 1977Shared Stone with Margaret L
McKay, Margaret L. 1920 Shared Stone with George K
Mogensen, Mary T. (Miller) 04 May 189718-Dec-1986"Beloved Mother"
Moore, Frances C. 1917 1935
Mossman, Bertha 21-May-191404-Jan-1991
Mulholland, Agnes E. 1919 Stone Shared with Ray H
Mulholland, Ella G. 1868 19556
Mulholland, Margaret L. 18-May-191402-May-1944
Mulholland, Ray H. 1917 Stone Shared with Agnes E
Mulholland, Ray D. 04-Dec-194916-Sep-1972"Minnesota AiC US Air Force Vietnam"
Mulholland, Raymond Albert 27-Mar-1974"Our Little angel" Son of Charles and Mildred
Mulholland, Thomas 1900 1976
Mulholland, Westel W. 1858 1925
Nader, Frances H. 23-Sep-191015-Jul-1994"Wife Mother Friend Yet Forever Spirit"
Nader, Robert Lynn 27-Dec-191026-Mar-1993"CPT US Army WW2"
Nielsen, Evelyn B. 1917 1995Shared Stone with Oluf
Nielsen, Oluf 1911 1997Shared Stone with Evelyn B.
Niesen, Luella M. 19-Apr-190018-Sep-1975"Wife of Thomas"
Niesen, Thomas 16 Sep 189411-Jul-1961"Minnesota Pvt 60 PW Escort CO ASC WW1"
Norgard, Anna 1876 1910"Mother"
Norgard, Ole 1868 1936"Father"
Norgard, Wallace G. 1905 1956
Novotny, Christine 1901 1970"Wife/Mother"
Novotny, Edward S. 19 May 189216-Jun-1965"Minnesota PVT BTRY F 57 ARTY CAC WW1"
Novotny, Eveline H. 1903 1908
Novotny, John A. 1898 1975
Novotny, John 1858 1949Shared Stone with Minnie
Novotny, Minnie 1861 1946Shared Stone with John
Novotny, Nora 1911 1937"Wife/Mother"
O'Brien, Frances (Halada) 01-Jul-192607-Feb-1990"Wife" of Joseph E. (Back of large stone has names O'Brien and Naegeli on it)
O'Brien, James William 05-Mar-193005-Aug-1992"US Navy Korea"
O'Brien, Joseph E. 17-Dec-192628-Dec-1996"Husband" of Frances Halada (Back of large stone has names O'Brien and Naegeli on it)
Olson, Gary D. 1953 1974"Beloved Husband"
Olson, Herbert W. 16-Aug-192116-May-1985Shared Stone with Shirley V.
Olson, Shirley V. 18-Nov-1929 Shared Stone with Herbert W.
Palmer, Ellen 18 Mar 187014-Oct-1928"Mother"
Palmer, Harry M. 10 Jan 189514-Dec-1941"WW1"
Palmer, Levi Herry 01 Jan 186702-Apr-1928"Father"
Peck, Dorothy E. 1923 1968"Mother"
Peterson, Andrew P. 1878 1959"Father"
Peterson, Andrew 1861 1938"Father"
Peterson, Arthur 1893 1990
Peterson, Calvin A. 04-Jan-192613-Sep-1991"Tec 4 US Army WW2"
Peterson, Charles O. 1891 1972Shared stone with Mabel A.
Peterson, Charles A. 1918 1978"S2 US Navy WW2"
Peterson, Clara 1894 1987
Peterson, Donna M. 1924
Peterson, Harold 1921 1991
Peterson, Johanna M. 1886 1965"Mother"
Peterson, Mabel A. 1893 1966Shared stone with Charles O.
Peterson, Mary 1871 1958"Mother"
Peterson, Raymond H. 1914 1939
Peterson, Sally E. 1922
Petrie, A. J. 1830 1897
Petrie, Martha J. 1844 1914
Pointon, Mary 1848 1927"Mother"
Pointon, T. C. 1843 1921"Father"
Porter, A. Erwin 1900 1928"Father"
Ramsdell, Aaron Zina 1905 1994
Ramsdell, Arnold 1923 Shared Stone with Katherine A
Ramsdell, Elsie E. 27-Feb-190319-Oct-1989
Ramsdell, Katherine A. 1923 1994Shared Stone with Arnold
Ramsdell, Lawrine M. 1921 1971
Ramsdell, Mary Elizabeth 1882 1939
Ramsdell, William J. 19-Nov-190403-Jul-1968
Ramsdell, William 1901 1938
Ramsdell, William 1865 1928
Ramsdell, William A. 1901 1938
Rardin, Esther O. 25-Jan-190907-Feb-1994"In Gods Care -- Married 19 Oct 1925" to Floyd M
Rardin, Floyd M. 15-Sep-190415-May-1985"In Gods Care -- Married 19 Oct 1925" to Esther O.
Resur, Alvina M. 29-Mar-190304-Jun-1992"Mother, Wife of Teddy"
Robertson, Alexander 1856 1928
Robertson, Effie M. 21-Feb-192507-Jul-1995"Wife"
Robertson, Gladys K. 1919 1993"Mother", on stone with Marvin E. Father
Robertson, Hansena J. 1891 1962"Wife and Mother"
Robertson, Ione Roselle 1932 1935
Robertson, Jens Martin 1881 1943"Husband & Father"
Robertson, Lars Edwin 1883 1944"Father"
Robertson, Lavern R. 21-Sep-192121-Jan-1988"PFC US Army WW2"
Robertson, Marvin E. 1915 "Father", on stone with Gladys K. Mother
Robertson, Maurice Edgard 1917 1936
Robertson, Rachel A. 1883 1990"Mother"
Robertson, Susan Kay 07-Dec-194927-Jul-1900"Grand-daughter"
Robertson, Willard Clarence 1928 1938
Sack, Joseph 1890 1993Shared Stone with Susan
Sack, Susan 1898 1987Shared Stone with Joseph
Sather, Alfred 18-Oct-190322-Dec-1973"Father"
Sather, Duane D. 02-May-193130-Jun-1997"CPL US Army Korea"
Sather, Elsie L. 20-Apr-190903-Oct-1900"Mother"
Sather, Ronald R. 05-Dec-193724-Jun-1971"Son"
Satre, Donna M. 11-Jul-193118-Nov-1986Shared Stone with Ingolf
Satre, Ingolf E. 03-Sep-191913-Nov-1988Shared Stone with Donna M.
Saukko, Katri 1885 1967
Saukko, Nathan 1878 1934
Seipp, Martin 1851 1931
Shaffner, Randy 1964 1983
Simpson, Emma 1884 1964"Mother"
Simpson, Harry 1876 1942"Father"
Sipple, Victor J. 1893 1971Shared stone with Zelma M
Sipple, Zelma M. 1897 1989Shared stone with Victor J
Skarloken, Doris M. 25-Feb-1920 Separate Stone, Skarloken, Floyd -- "Married 18 Jan 1938 Doris. Our Children Norma, Fern, Beverly"
Skarloken, Floyd O. 13-Jun-191302-Jun-1993Mason, Separate Stone, Skarloken, Floyd -- "Married 18 Jan 1938 Doris. Our Children Norma, Fern, Beverly"
Smude, Carol J. 02-Apr-195725-Jun-1977
Spohn, Abel No Dates, "Co A 5 Wis. Inf."
Spohn, Enoch A. 07 Mar 184310-Feb-1925
Spohn, Laura A. 1907 1978
Spohn, Mary 15 Mar 185020-May-1922
Spohn, Samuel 28 Mar 188402-Feb-1962
Strang, Eldred B. 1913 1991Also on Head stone is Helen M.
Strang, Helen M. 1917 Also on Head stone is Eldred B.
Sullivan, Cassie P. 1908 1989"Mother, wife of Lynn P."
Sullivan, Cassie P. 1908 1989"Mother", Shared Stone with Lynn P., Father
Sullivan, Lynn P. 1921 1992"Father", Shared stone with Cassie P., Mother
Sullivan, Lynn P. 1921 1992"Father", husband of Cassie P.
Swartout, Vivian 1902 1933"Mother"
Sweet, Gary D. 20-Nov-195520-Jan-1978"Beloved Son, An inspiration to all who knew him"
Sweet, Harry A. 23-Feb-192516-Jun-1999Shared Stone with Hazel L, "Married 10 Mar 1944" (back of stone) "Parents of Donnalee, Judy, Duane, Gary, Ken, Roger
Sweet, Harry A. 23-Feb-192516-Jun-1999"US Army WW2"
Sweet, Hazel L. 03-Nov-1924 Shared Stone with Harry A., "Married 10 Mar 1944" (back of stone) "Parents of Donnalee, Judy, Duane, Gary, Ken, Roger"
Syverson, Genevieve 03-Feb-192919-Nov-1989
Terava, Anna 1876 1910
Terava, Ole 1868 1936
Terava, Silva 1904 1949"Mother"
Terava, T. Henry 1903 1973"Father"
Tollefson, Andrew 1857 1949"Father"
Tollefson, Elmer 1891 1949"Father"
Tollefson, Herman 1902 1942
Tollefson, Laura 1892 1966"Mother"
Tollefson, Mattie 1862 1929"Mother"
Tollefson, Samuel G. 1895 1949
Tynkkynen, Maria 1877 1919"Mother"
Tynkkynen, Otto 1876 1919"Father"
Tynkkynen, Theodore no dates, "Baby"
Tynkkynen, Toivo 1906 1919"Son"
Veit, August C. 1869 1934"Father", On stone with Emelia, Mother
Veit, Elsie E. 1904 Shared Stone with John W.
Veit, Emelia 1872 1944"Mother", on stone with August C., Father
Veit, John P. 1901 1976Shared Stone with Ruby M
Veit, John W. 1902 1966Shared Stone with Elsie E.
Veit, Ruby M. 1911 1972Shared Stone with John P,
Villnow, Adeline A. 08-Oct-1920 Shared Stone Martin A.., "Married 01 May 1939, Our Children: Joan, Dennis, Duane & Randy"
Villnow, Dennis Martin 18-Jun-1944 "Married 1968" to Esther May "Parents of Lisa, Christine, Todd"
Villnow, Esther May 10-May-195012-Jan-1900"Married 1968" to Dennis Martin "Parents of Lisa, Christine, Todd"
Villnow, Katrina Marie 26-Apr-197721-Nov-1982"Our Angel Tina"
Villnow, Martin A. 24-Nov-191312-May-1992Shared Stone Adeline A., "Married 01 May 1939, Our Children: Joan, Dennis, Duane & Randy"
Villnow, Marvin E. 19-Apr-194421-Apr-1983"SSG US Army Vietnam"
Villnow, "Married 20 Jul 1968, parents of Lisa, Christin and Toda"
Walburn, Levi 1866 1918
Walburn, William L. "Co. E 174 OHIO Inf Post 30 GAR Civil War"
Walz, John 1879 1962
Walz, Mary 1882 1962
Ward, Margaret 30 Mar 183419-Sep-1915
Watson, Ellis M. 1899 1963"Father"
Watson, Viola M. 1905 1935"Mother"
Weber, Lawrence B. 31-Jul-192703-May-1994"US Navy"
Weber, Lorraine M. 13-Jul-192910-Apr-1986
Wickham, Allen 1937 1937Children Stone listing these names together, "Ruby, Murrell, Allen, Rita"
Wickham, August 1903 1940
Wickham, Ethel L. 1876 1930Shared Stone with Merrill W.
Wickham, Frank W. 29 Sep 189224-Dec-1954"Minnesota Wagoner CO A 135 Infantry WW1"
Wickham, Harry 1884 1934
Wickham, Merrill W. 1858 1928Shared stone with Ethel L.
Wickham, Murrell 1926 1927Children Stone listing these names together, "Ruby, Murrell, Allen, Rita"
Wickham, Rita 1931 1943Children Stone listing these names together, "Ruby, Murrell, Allen, Rita"
Wickham, Ruby 1922 1926Children Stone listing these names together, "Ruby, Murrell, Allen, Rita"
Wickham, Ruth 1896 1912
Wickham, Zelma L. 13 Jan 189908-Sep-1980"Mother"
Wikert, Bernice M. 21-Jul-191209-Apr-1900"Married 10 Sep 1934" Shared Stone with Marvin A..
Wikert, Marvin A. 03-Sep-190913-Jun-1996"Married 10 Sep 1934" Shared Stone with Bernice M.
Willett, Lloyd E. 14-Dec-191723-Jul-1966"Minnesota TEC4 207 Port Co TC WW2"
Willett, Sena 1889 1979"Mother"
Willett, Walter E. 29-Jul-190920-May-1968"Minnesota TEC4 38 Infantry Regt WW2"
Willett, Walter 1885 1959
Wright, Lark Leon 18-Nov-192708-Jan-1928
Wright, Lark 08 Feb 189418 May 1875"Pvt US Army"
Wright, Lena E. 1900 1980"Mother"

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