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- Cemetery Records Book by the Leslies -

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Cemetery Records ... book cover Laura L. Leslie (1916-2003) Earl C. Leslie (1916-2004)

Cemetery Records
Crow Wing County,

Earl C. Leslie
Laura L. Leslie

In the late 1970's, Earl C. Leslie (1916-2004) and his wife, Laura L. Leslie (1916-2003) co-ordinated an effort to walk the cemeteries of Crow Wing County and record the names, dates, places, and other pertinent information (such as war service) that were visible on the markers in each cemetery. This information is grouped by cemetery, with an index in the back listing surnames in alphabetical order and the page(s) where individuals with those surnames are listed. Directions for getting to each cemetery are included.

This book was published in 1982 and includes all Crow Wing County cemeteries (except for Evergreen Cemetery, which would have made the book 3 times as big). It's available at the Brainerd Public Library (but not for check-out), at the Crow Wing County Historical Society in Brainerd, and at the Minnesota Historical Society in St. Paul. Copies were also available for purchase by individuals.

In 2009, permission was obtained from Tristan Leslie, the son of Earl and Laura, to transcribe the book and make it available online. John and Barb Gavin undertook this project and have typed in the entire book along with an Errata page and three Addenda pages. The transcribed pages have been proofread by John Van Essen and Robin Myers.

The text version of this book, including a page of errata and three pages of addenda compiled by the Leslies after the book was printed (found in the copy at the Brainerd Public Library), is available as a PDF file here:

"Cemetery Records of Crow Wing County, Minnesota" PDF (347 KB)

That same content is also available as a single web page, with a hyperlinked Table of Contents and a brand new (corrected) hyperlinked Index:

"Cemetery Records of Crow Wing County, Minnesota" (661 KB)

Please send comments or send corrections for any transcription errors to John Van Essen <vanes002@umn.edu>. There are no plans to make updates to correct mistakes made by the authors.

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